December 2013

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  Piles and Piles of snow. Here’s some pictures of how I like to remember December, but for realities sake we must include other facts:

For some reason the snow stopped, and an icy glaze covered Provo like an ancient freezer turkey. The smog came in, people rammed into my car on the slick slope of the public school parking lot. I spent hours helping the prostart team after school, only to miss the few daylight hours provided. Mr. Wood dedicated nights, days and wee morning hours of his life to graduate applications, papers, thesis things etc. No, we aren’t quite done yet.

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Good things happened too. Mr. Wood survived a whole month of ice-biking up and down 9th east. I didn’t get sick once this month. I got to spend hours after school helping kids make fondant potatoes, zabagliones and sugar sculptures. School time in December gave me a chance to wear red and green as many times as possible, which was a a dream realized. We got a mini Christmas tree that smelled a little like Oregon. Christmas break came. We got to visit almost all of our family, those we didn’t see we talked to via skype. There is currently a chocolate orange loaf in the oven, so despite my best efforts I am still addicted to baking. December in the end was a great month.

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- Shannon