BowKnots slow rise to function


I finally re-created my etsy banner for bowknots.

I’ve spent all week wishing I had gone to school for graphic design instead of FACS--so I could understand how to use photo-shop better, and so I would feel like my time was justified.

But it is only Tuesday.

After a long time, I feel quite accomplished.

banner 5 copy

Don’t worry, it looks better on the etsy page. Now to list some items!


Thrifted and a sad story

I thought you might like to see what I got at the thrift store today.

Now, what was I looking for? Some how we’ve lost Mr. Wood’s vest that he wore to our wedding reception. We could not find it, and after many tears because I realized that for some freak reason it probably ended up in the D.I. box which I donated 2 weeks ago, I decided to search for it.

At the D.I.

Also, we need a knife sharpener, and since no one else actually sharpens their knives I figure they must just give them away, I’ve now been to the D.I. 3 times and have never found a knife sharpener. So why aren’t people’s knives sharper?

I have found 2 perfect dresses though. And this sweet thing coming up.

D.I. is huge. But, they definitely do not have a men’s vest section. So I resorted to searching the women’s section (which is dangerous for me). After searching till my eyes were sore I found the women’s vest section, which to my dismay did not contain Mr. Wood’s vest. Instead, 30 plus poor vests that people had regretted wearing. To recover their guilt they did what most sane people do, donate them to D.I.

Nothing could bring that sentimental piece of men’s wardrobe back to me.

But, in my search I did find a Leifsdottir (of anthropologie association) chambray cropped blazer

This was dangerous for several reasons.

A. I told myself I was on a mission, and not a mission for myself.

B. I probably have too many clothes.

C. I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey, which is influencing my taste

D. It was nearly perfectly created

E. It fit me wonderfully

F. It involved bumblebees

G. It was only $6.

So: I left without a vest, without a knife sharpener, and with a perfect-condition cropped blazer.

I’m still sad about the vest. But I’m excited for spring again.

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture



Thanks to all the help of my family I was able to have a beautiful reception. Again, without family who knew me so well I don’t know how well it would of turned out.

It was in the backyard of my most gracious uncle Merril, and the evening was a beautiful golden august one.

Making good cookies is in the family. My parents and sister spent hours making all the delicious cookies before the wedding. Our favorites were these lime shortbread cookies, which were made in lemon too. + pecan shortbread + coconut + chocolate chips. Of course milk was served also.

Our cheese fountain, which only lasted about a half hour.. but matched the theme.

Lovely Aunt Nicky was patient and loving to make this beautiful cake for us. I have never had someone get a color so perfectly by me just describing it to them.

We thought it would be fun to actually entertain our guests, so we set up a live music schedule for the evening (aren’t Mr. Woods Poster making skills nice?)

We even got in playing --“If I were a carpenter” by Johnny and June Carter Cash, and at the end of the night “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.  Needless to say there were a lot of tears, and not just on my part. Thank you especially to our good friends Steve for playing the trumpet, and Christina for joining our whistling choir. And of course my beloved little brother for playing with us and practicing out in the yard despite yards of embarrassment he could have suffered.

The party was the best I’ve ever had.


August 18th 2011

Was the day we were married. The ceremony was performed for time and all eternity at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in the morning. It was a beautiful and amazing day, there is not much to say, except that it was the greatest blessing to be sealed to the love of my life and best friend. Cliché, but true. Here are some lovely pictures taken by my sister in-law Julie.

so happy
our wonderful supervisor and boss who gave us jobs and brought us together.
My family that came
My beautiful grandma Malaska who hates her picture taken, but did it anyway.
My lovely sister and niece.
My studly single brothers. Michael had is appendix missing, so couldn’t come Sad smile
You should get married before you have babies.
Michael’s family
His beautiful sisters
We are just in love, and that’s the truth.


Happy Birthday David Bowie

You have probably influenced millions. And you have influenced me. I don’t even know why I was drawn to you so strongly as a teenager (probably because My father was listened to you in my preteen years? thanks dad, sorry mom.)
Thank you for your style.
I too have always wanted to die my hair orange, but never had because of a fear of permanency.
Metallic teal eye shadow never worked with my complexion, but don’t believe I haven’t dreamed of it. I will always pass on pale pink lipstick though…did that one—the wrong way.image
Thank you for daring to be different, although sometimes you were scary, I’m glad you shared it.
Oh, how can I forget? Thank you for doing labyrinth. That’s when I first came to love you I suppose, like many other children. Yes you were a bad guy, but I still felt sorry for you.
As a final memory for the night, remember the time I was at a military themed youth dance in Monmouth Oregon (sorry friends for dragging you) and I requested “lets dance” to liven up the sorry crowd—surely an 80s classic like that would do some sort of magic on the awkward evening. But, it had the exact opposite effect. Instead, as the first notes came too loudly through the speakers and I ran excitedly to the middle of the gym with my best friend’s hand in tow. It was only a few lyrics sung at the top of my lungs that I realized the whole crowd had cleared to the dark edges of the gym. No one was dancing, but my friend and I. In a social panic that only a 16 year old can experience,  I shifted my gaze through the recessed crowds looking for an ally. I rushed to a boy one year younger and pulled him to the middle while begging him to dance. With a pained expression and bright red face he joined in as we three awkwardly danced those 4 minutes and 10 seconds in tribute to you.
Happy Birthday
P.S. No one joined. It is still a great song.


Wedding Things

Okay, I’ve decided to do my wedding posts in pieces. Trust me, it will be better that way. First off, our wonderful invitations. Photos taken by Jason Malaska and invitation created by Michael Malaska. The great thing about working with my family is that they get things right every time, and they know what I like. And actually, they are just really good at what they do.
announcment 1 copy announcement 2
Here are a few engagement pictures


Wedding post sneak peak

So, I’ve been married over 4 months now, and have sufficiently cleared my brain enough to start posting the event. Today, you should know that I designed and sewed my own dress. But it is late, so I just leave you with this snippet taken by my brother Jason Malaska.

    wedding dress

Let’s Go


Coincidentally my refreshing of blog world comes along with the new year.

Here are 3 reasons.

1. I am a graduated college student (hello world of family and consumer science!)

2. I got a new name (and a new husband Mr. Wood)

3. And all around ready to move on.

But, if you want to relive my past tuturials and projects (like 28 days of birds) skip on over to my old blog . For here look forward to exciting new projects (like my handmade wedding dress!), experiments and stories.