June has practically come and gone. Here are something's I enjoyed.

1. School is out! one serious move down the street, one 3 day conference, 2 toquerville visits, and I’m about ready to settle down. My total nap hours from the past 2 days=5.


this is me deciding I absolutely have to paint. More photos to come. Maybe.


here is an un-altered photo of me at school. In all my acne, frazzled hair, fluorescent-light soaked  glory. School gets to everyone seniors. You are not the only ones.

2.  I get to actually do things! with friends even!! Like go to Provo outdoor concert series on the rooftop. Does anyone else remember when you didn’t have to save a spot on the rooftop 2 hours before the actual concert? Yeah. Me too. None-the-less. Still lovely




like two of my silly brothers came to hang out!


and these lovely mysterious people.



And I even got to celebrate birthdays of two lovely ladies. Unfortunately this was the only picture that wasn’t blurry.


But, let us note that it was a lovely day in Nephi. I ate many doritos. And we talked into the night, like women should.

As always, there is more, these are just a few of the bright spots in our June.

Something poetic, something profound.


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