Forgotten Dresses


This is what I wore last Sunday. A dress I haven’t worn in probably 2 years. I don’t have a very good explanation. Sometimes I just get shy about my dresses or something.

Back in the day I made a new dress every spring. This was one of those wonders— Circa probably 2007 or 2009. It is very different then most dresses I’ve ever made because A. It isn’t cotton (at least not the top layer) and B. It doesn’t suggest pioneerism.

Anyways. Here is why. Once I was at Good Will with some friends in high school and I saw a sea foam vintage night gown. I was in love. It was all gathers and lace and softness. It was also all snags, shortness and sheer, so it rarely got wear. But it did inspire me to make this sea foam chiffon dress of essentially the same design.


I had to wear the dress because I got an incredibly sparkly and pastel cardigan I was hoping to wear. It was incredible—one of my sunbeams stroked the front of my sweater for 10 minutes. If it can keep a 3 year old engaged and quiet it has some considerable power.





I love the lace details and the soft folds of chiffon. Chiffon is possibly the most feminine fabric in the world. There are so many mistakes in this dress I laugh when I pull it out of the closet. But that is when the beauty of pastel chiffon comes into play. It is so lovely nobody notices the weird threads, snags and stitches. And I’m okay with that.



  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I love it! It's so gorgeous! You should wear it out around town, not just to church and I bet you'd get 50 billion compliments and people wouldn't believe you when you told them you made it yourself.

    1. Thanks Mary, that is so nice!

  2. "Once I was at Good Will with some friends in high school and I saw a sea foam vintage night gown..."

    JUST ONCE?! Come on, more like every other week!

    1. True. But I rarely bought the night gowns I saw. Which I kind of regret...