Green Goddess Dress..ing

One day I almost wore an outfit made up of one color- asparagus green (matching sandals? yes?). I couldn’t go through with it though. My mother says I have an aversion to simple color combinations. I could never do it. Just can’t. 2 colors and no patterns is the closest I could get. Will ever get. Well, I threw in the gold…


I also wanted to blog about it because I made this dress! One year ago on a nice afternoon with a pile of impulse fabric (which I should note was also a year old. Making the fabric 2 years old. If we are counting) and an old sweater.

Maybe if I were the tutorial type. I would tutorial this. But, I shant. Part of the fun is feeling good you figured something out for your self, no?

Here are some tips though:

  • trace a t-shirt you like made from similar material. My t-shirt was a lot stretchier, so the green dress had really tight sleeves that were hard to alter.
  • Use a serger. it will go so much faster and the seams will hold better. Probably. I of course have no serger.
  • Wear a belt. You just feel classier.
  • Do it. Because you are never going to be like. Man. I wish I didn’t use up that pile of fabric I bought on impulse 3 years ago.



closeup back


the back is my favorite part. Also. I literally cannot do one color. Just can’t.



  1. Sheesh, you are so gorgeous and classy.

  2. Love, love, LOVE! Good work my dear.

  3. Wonderful job. It is lovely.