Oregon step 2

Day 2 in Portland we roamed Portland parks. We were too busy to take many photos.

1st: Mt. Tabor: A little dormant (dead?) volcano in the middle of town, and excellent viewpoints.


2nd: “Forest Park”: There is a point when the city ends and the forest begins. Here you will find Forest Park. We read Colin Meloy’s children’s series “Wildwood” earlier in the summer, where he refers to Forest park (aka wildwood) and St. Johns, so we had to visit. This is a good old forest, that is difficult to find entrance to.




3rd International Rose test gardens: When I was young I was convinced this place was unbearably huge. One could hardly traverse it in a day without a nap and a snack. Maybe it isn’t as big as my childhood, but it is still gorgeous and very large.


It’s like. a million roses.

4th and Last Silver falls: where we camped for the night! Wow, camping is a lot more fun with your husband. Then say when you don’t get any sleep because 20 teenage girls are chittering about the bishop’s son nonstop.


Of course there are hikes. But we were pretty pooped by then to go very far. There is also a river where Mr. Wood called his manliness to him so that we could jump into it at 8:30 at night. In the mountains!

I’ve always liked this hike because you get to walk underneath the fall!

IMG_1339 IMG_1343IMG_1344

That morning we packed up before the camp awoke, and left for the coast! Finally, the sweet spray of ocean! The clean air! The smooth sand! And the constant 30 mph winds!

We stopped at Devil’s punch bowl, saw some tide pools, walked around historic Newport Bayfront where this happened:


Yeah! So, right as we were driving on the street at the bottom of the photo we watched as a river of fish guts rolled down the hill. Those huge boxes? All tumbled out. All filled with fish remains. Nasty.

Don’t worry, they brought in a small firetruck and snow shovels to clean/spray it out.

The coast, though gorgeous, was a complete sandblast. So no pictures. But Mr. Wood again subjected himself to freezing Oregon Waters and dunked in the ocean.

IMG_1363We stayed at Nye beach. Exhausted.  And enjoyed the views from or window.

While at the coast it is hard to imagine how people live without the coast.




The next morning we enjoyed a frigid kite fly, then headed somberly back to the Desert. Where we now reside.


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