We got 2 years

Mr. Wood and I have been married for 2 years and 1 day. And it is true, marriage really does get better every year. For that fact alone I will continually be grateful and work hard for the marriage that we have and that we want.


Our celebration was a little more home-based this year. Saturday Mr. Wood took me on a torrential rainstorm roadtrip to Draper, then back to Provo with calmer weather and Black Sheep Cafe. It’s pretty swanky, Mr. Wood even ordered Rabbit which was so tender and delicious. I got the Navajo Taco Trio, which was also quite good, but maybe not as swanky..


look, it’s us on the actual 2nd anniversary day. August 18th 2013

He also gave me a bouquet!


Mr. Wood once promised he would only give me flowers when I least expected it. Now, I’m a hard one to surprise. But I really didn’t expect flowers on my anniversary! That would be too obvious! So he got me.

Then Sunday, our real anniversary, I was in charge of the meal.



I got out Grandma Malaska’s China.


There was a blackberry apple pie


Mr. Wood made some fresh bread. I called up a creamy balsamic basil salad for the first course. And finally, Steak “au Poivre” with a creamy red-wine and mushroom sauce. Really an improvisation, which is what I get for not deciding how to make the steak until Sunday. With a side of Crispy Parmesan Roasted Potato, and Garlic Sesame Green Beans.

It was almost as wonderful as 2 years of marriage to your best friend.






  1. Congrats, Shanny! I'm so happy for you. But I must know... where did you get that dress and couch?!