Indiana and 25

aug 10 2014
First off. We made it! 2 days of driving a moving van across the country and we arrived in our first house ever! Pictures to come for sure, but for now here is a photo of Mr. Wood and I last Sunday on my 25th birthday in our new back yard. 25! And little baby (as of today) only has 3 months left! This is a lot of firsts for this little family. Also my hair is also tinged with hot pink, in a conservative sabbath crown braid. I feel like I should include this dramatic hair shift although I don't know why.
How is Indiana treating us? Well it is true, mid-westerners (or in this case Hoosiers) are incredibly nice! The weather? Very wet. Like rain and clouds wet. But your thinking "Shannon, you are from Oregon!". Let me remind you that Oregon is essentially dry for 3 months every year, and relatively low humidity. Our new home town of Mishawaka is proving to be moist. But there is little time for outdoor activities (because let's be honest... the bugs) but also because Mr. Wood and I are focusing on some first time home renovations! Our house is from the 70s, with 2 layers of harvest-toned Linoleum to prove it. So the first thing to go was the twitchy appliances, the next a wall, and this week new floors.
Now in the spirit of recording our history I would like to include a list of things that have helped me survive a first pregnancy and first move all in the armpit of summer. 
1. Mr. Wood. 
house reno 2014
Because obviously he is already a thousand times wonderful. But in case you didn't know how wonderful here are some samples:
  • Taking me to every doctors appointment. Which is hard especially when switching hospitals half way through
  • Driving the moving truck. The whole way.
  • Learning a million new house building skills and working on them right away before school starts so we can have a nice place to live.
  • Lifting every heavy thing for me, whenever I ask.
  • Letting me nap every day.
  • Buying me ice-creams, when we both know that the baby doesn't need ice-creams, although sometimes I claim he does.
  • Sweeping spiders away from the door.
And so on. 
2. The bounty of summer foods. Mainly roasted tomatoes and iced pero drinks.
roasted tomatoesiced pero

Roasted tomatoes (soaked in balsamic above) have been going on everything lately. Pizza, BLT's, egg sandwiches and just tomatoes on bread. I can't quite get enough. Which is sad because we don't actually have a garden this year. 
But being a foodie, and one trying not to poison her fetus with daily ice-cream trips, I take joys in finding seasonal produce that is amazing tasting. Grapes last week were superb. Organic blueberry picking was divine (Thanks Linford's for the tip!). Fresh corn cut into salsa, lovely. You know, give me the good stuff. Now if I could only figure out how to get delicious watermelons without going to mom's house.
3. Yoga! So pregnancy is kind of uncomfortable, if you haven't heard. But I've managed to keep a lot of niggles away by doing yoga. If I miss a few days, horrid aches and pinches start showing up and I wonder how anyone survives with out doing yoga. They probably do other things right? I like a good youtube video to keep me focused. My all season favorite is Tara Stiles, which I still do, but for pregnancy specific pains and yoga adjustments I like Katy Appleton.  If you are new to yoga (and preggers) Appleton is a great start.
4. Straws! Make everything delicious. Need I say more?
5. Skirts and dresses. Either stretchy or super roomy. If you've seen my wardrobe, not much has changed with this current bump. Pants (Even maternity pants and yoga pants) are either pinching my uterus or falling down my butt. Not to mention their complete lack of air circulation. So-- when I get home it is a dress for me. A lot of my dresses fit me now, but with the third trimester on it's way I have my eye on something like this.
Image 2 of ASOS Maternity Maxi Dress In Floral Print
Anyways. Thank you for all your love, we miss all of you, and I hope you are having a lovely summer time.


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