Thrifted and a sad story

I thought you might like to see what I got at the thrift store today.

Now, what was I looking for? Some how we’ve lost Mr. Wood’s vest that he wore to our wedding reception. We could not find it, and after many tears because I realized that for some freak reason it probably ended up in the D.I. box which I donated 2 weeks ago, I decided to search for it.

At the D.I.

Also, we need a knife sharpener, and since no one else actually sharpens their knives I figure they must just give them away, I’ve now been to the D.I. 3 times and have never found a knife sharpener. So why aren’t people’s knives sharper?

I have found 2 perfect dresses though. And this sweet thing coming up.

D.I. is huge. But, they definitely do not have a men’s vest section. So I resorted to searching the women’s section (which is dangerous for me). After searching till my eyes were sore I found the women’s vest section, which to my dismay did not contain Mr. Wood’s vest. Instead, 30 plus poor vests that people had regretted wearing. To recover their guilt they did what most sane people do, donate them to D.I.

Nothing could bring that sentimental piece of men’s wardrobe back to me.

But, in my search I did find a Leifsdottir (of anthropologie association) chambray cropped blazer

This was dangerous for several reasons.

A. I told myself I was on a mission, and not a mission for myself.

B. I probably have too many clothes.

C. I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey, which is influencing my taste

D. It was nearly perfectly created

E. It fit me wonderfully

F. It involved bumblebees

G. It was only $6.

So: I left without a vest, without a knife sharpener, and with a perfect-condition cropped blazer.

I’m still sad about the vest. But I’m excited for spring again.

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture


  1. Haha, I love this. Although, I am sad for you about the vest. Mike did look dapper in that suit. What else did you find?

  2. Who is crazy enough to donate a leifsdottir blazer like that!? It's perfect for you. Glad you found that, but bummer about the vest.

  3. thanks guys. It was bittersweet.