Happy Birthday 23

Well friends. My birthday was the best ever. Sure, I didn’t get home till 5:00 because of work training in West Valley, but, it was my birthday! And, as many of you know, Mr. Wood is a wonderful person, spending the day with him is practically “wonderful day” insurance.

I woke up to french toast (my favorite breakfast) with buttermilk syrup!

When I got home I was greeted with a bath scrubby sponge (the thing I’ve been asking for for 3 months) and a riddle


Okay, Mr. Wood had to help me figure out the choices, hence the underlines and markings. But, I did figure them out! We went to Red Robin and used my birthday coupon. They gave us a huge booth! And I ordered a super spicy burger, the waitress was surprised.

Then, I opened another package which was all my bird watching stuff, plus a new book!


Woohoo! You all know I love to look at the sky, now I can do it in a more informed way, and look at this cover! It is a beautifully made book.

So, we went off to a secret place to watch birds and clouds. The secret place turned out to be Powell's Slough in west Provo. Oh my wildflowers, it was gorgeous.




It was incredibly more amazing then these little photo. There weren’t many birds because of the impending storm (did anyone see that dust storm yesterday?). We were walking around in a field and about 10 minutes before the dust and wind came up we saw flocks of birds and huge hawks come up out of the marshes and fly south, it was amazing. And, I have to admit the sound of wind howling through the fields and power lines buzzing overhead is spooky. So we headed back to the car and I opened my last present, which was something Mr. Wood has been working on for a while in Book Repair:

HPIM6226 HPIM6227

A lovely little box for a very special book. Some of you may not know that it is with this book that Mr. Wood proposed to me.

He is very skilled and creative.

Then, he whisked me off to “The Chocolate” in Orem for my birthday cake, or rather, a slice of cake. How cute is that place? I’ve never been, and always wanted to go. I’ll say this: the frosting on the Brooklyn chocolate cake is divine and they serve milk in chilled glasses.

Anyways, it was the loveliest birthday.



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