Our Life: Let’s wrap up July

So many things happened that I forgot about writing.

July has been wonderful to us. Our little garden started growing, filling our meals with pure joy.


We got to go to the first Twilight concert of the year at pioneer park in Salt Lake


Featuring Beach House, whose singer we found (to our delight) is a woman, not a man.

This song is wonderful:

Really, she sounds more like a woman in real life. She was incredibly kind.

We made our first and second batch of ice-cream in our magnificent ice-cream maker.The second was a masterpiece of chocolate chunk mint, the likes of which have never before graced our tongues. I used fresh mint from our Chocolate mint plant, brewed a creamy custard mint tea and whipped it up as ice-cream. I followed this recipe. Using like 5 grams of leaves (which was as much as the plant was willing to give). I used my fathers trick of melting the chocolate with butter before pouring it in the ice-cream, so you get soft chips instead of hard stuck in your teeth ones.


The ice-cream was herbal and fresh, a flavor that I am still craving right now.

Mr. Wood and I parted ways at the end of July, him to Chicago and I to Toquerville. He got culture and I got fresh air. Him rural sociology conferences, She rural landscapes.



Mr. Wood got to present a paper he has been working on about Escalante + intergenerationality + sustainability. Yeah, it is that complicated.

I got to spend time with my gal pals and do some sight seeing. The big event was trying to spend a day in Kanab, I say trying because it is too small.

HPIM6149 HPIM6151HPIM6153 HPIM6150

Kanab Utah is the “little hollywood” of Utah. They used to film a butt-load of western movies out there. There is a little museum out there of movie set stuff (be warned it is outside) and someone taught the local raccoons how to play cards.

Among other news. We had pioneer day, which in Utah is a day off work where you should go swimming and see the new Batman Movie. Holy stars! It was epic! It didn’t feel like we were sitting in the theater for 3 hours at all. I want to see it again.

In the end July was lovely, Mr. Wood and I would rather not spend time away from each other all the time, and have you seen the sky?



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