Our Life


Tuesday was weird. Mr. Wood went to take the trash out around 10:30 (yes we are those neighbors that drag 2 trashcans down gravelly sidewalks just as you are about to go to sleep). Although this particular Tuesday trash run almost made his heart stop. As he walked outside he couldn’t see the car. Luckily, he found it down by the corner (our house is on a corner lot) and happily did the trash business. Coming back he asked me why I had parked so far from the usual spot. Why indeed? I brought in the grocery's that day and parked as close as possible. I ran outside, and to my utter horror saw that the car had slid down hill just barely stopping at the corner--not where I had parked it. The brake was only half up we supposed, luckily our car didn’t slide into traffic or hit a house or something. Sigh….

The week got significantly better however.

15 minutes after scheduling an appointment for a job interview I got called back about the other job I applied for 2 months ago, and they wanted to hire me! It is only for 2 months, but it is paid handsomely and I get to go to Colorado for a 3 day training session. Basically it is part of a government project… research project on elementary kids reading skills. Fun huh!

And! Michael got a huge letter in the mail.

My beautiful picture

I know what you are thinking. It could only be one thing! That’s right. Michael got accepted to the Sociology grad program at BYU! Yes! We are so excited! We are grateful that Michael gets to continue working with a sociology program he enjoys, and one that research things he is interested in!

Best Week Ever.

Among this amazing offers, we also did super fun things too! Like—bird watching! One of my favorite neglected hobbies. But I finally got to take Mr. Wood out, and he can’t put the bird guide down! It was a gray windy evening, but we did see a kestrel and some coots! I know right? Then to celebrate we went to a little restaurant and got beans and rice and burritos. They were good and lardy. THEN we watched “Hugo”, which comes highly recommended by most everyone, including us. I won’t say anything else, because part of the reason it was so good was because it was so mysterious.

Saturday was also full of enriching activity. Mainly, Mr. Wood got his hair cut, and he cut the roses, both were too bushy for my taste. It was St. Patrick's day (and my mom’s birthday!), we both wore green, and Mr. Wood made the best potato soup ever! Then he whisked me off to salt lake to meet our lovely friends for Contra dancing. What is contra dancing? Other then our new favorite hobby (thanks Q and Erik) it is a fantastical folk dance. Think pride and prejudice, but way faster and 9 times more spinning. Here is a video of contra dancing.

Okay, this video is great because it has some of the people we danced with in it! But word of caution, the music makes it sound a lot hipper then it is. The music we danced to was all folksy. By the first dance I was too dizzy, but some how it was completely fun and we had to keep going--luckily no one threw up. Those old men spin you fast! Mr. Wood is an excellent dancer, I always wanted him to be my partner. I was wearing a twirly green dress with metallic ric-rac, so I fit in really well. Anyways, every 3rd Saturday, we will go with you! We walked away 2 1/2 hours later, still a little dizzy, with blisters and a greater appreciation for community dance.

Sunday was wonderful as usual. We taught the sunbeams all about fish, including how to fish. All you need is a magnet attached to a string attached to a stick, and some paper fish with paperclips on them. Then you grab the magnet and put it on the paper clip and you fished! Also, the sweetest boy ever informed us that he had “never been bit by a bee OR swallowed by a whale”. That is wonderful.

Here is how it is looking today behind our house with our mid-March mini snow storm.


Well, till the next update. Hopefully you don’t get eaten by a whale.



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    1. Hmm..."LloydMaster" must be Dave's account. I removed the comment to put it under my own name instead, but I probably didn't need to. You would have figured out it was by me.

      Anyway, you are such a fun wife for my brother. I bet he absolutely loved bird watching and dancing :)
      Congratulations on your job and Mike's grad school admission! Holy cow, that's huge news! Tell Mr. Wood he's sooooo in trouble for not telling me. JK. Thanks again for the updates. -Julie