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Well friends and family, here is an update of what Mr. Wood and I are up to.

First, two things we/I received

My beautiful picture

The loveliest little flats from my loveliest friend Stephanie. Now I’m more anxious for spring wardrobe.

My beautiful picture

And—2 brand new spanking Library Cards, both for children, both portraying mystical characters with healthy lifestyles (reading and being physically active). So far they have inspired us to borrow 4 movies and 1 Americana folk CD. I know I know, but one of the DVDs is for yoga.

We ended up watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid, only figuring out 10 minutes in that it was the sequel. What? You haven’t heard of the sequel? That’s because it wasn’t very good.

The weather has been premium of late, so Mr. Wood and I took the opportunity on Saturday to get as much of it as possible. We also started weeding our land-ladies garden. We are wondering if she noticed that 12 pounds of crab grass are missing from her rose beds. We also celebrated outside by eating little Caesars pizza at a park and buying cranberry juice.

On Sunday we took our sunbeams outside to appreciate nature, as the lesson was on plants flowers and trees. We took a walk looking for all the plants around. From the squeals of excitement alone you wouldn’t know that all the plants are still dead. Mr. Wood and I absolutely love working with the sunbeams, they are adorable in every way.

Also, Mr. Wood started reading the hunger games. He is currently sitting beside me reading the last 40 pages.

Here are some things I'm working on:

My beautiful picture

“Wedding Lace”

If you don’t know, I’m working on a wedding dress customization for a lovely lady. She wanted to wear her mothers dress, but it needed some aesthetic changes. (Don’t worry Mrs. Johnson, it will be beautiful and classy still). In due time I will post before and after pictures. Rebecca is getting married in May in Nauvoo. How exciting! she is one of the happiest most beautiful woman I’ve had the opportunity to meet at school.

My beautiful picture

“Garbanzo beans”

I killed two spiders today, Mr. Wood wasn’t home. Both experiences were on the floor in the front room, they could of crawled on me! They were both thick dark spiders coming straight for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen, away from the spiders.

And last, but certainly not least, I cooked my own garbanzo beans for dinner tonight! The best thing ever! I wanted to try a recipe my sister makes with pasta, salad and tasty dressing. To amp up the protein I decided to make garbanzos in the pressure cooker. Completely worth it! If you like garbanzo beans you will really like them homemade. It was silly. I’ll post the recipe later because it was so wonderful, and made this gorgeous day even better.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the changing of seasons as much as we are.


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  1. I'm taking a quick break from packing, and it was time well spent reading this. I love hearing how you are doing. I absolutely love your library cards (ha ha!), and a day weeding together and eating pizza at a park sounds blissful. Since having kids I never think to have dates like this...but what a great way to spend your time together! I'll have to remember this. By the way, I get a kick out of hearing you call my little brother Mr. Wood. Love it. Thanks for all your updates. Back to packing now!