A blouse


Here is something that I sewed for myself you might like to look at.

Basically it is just a blouse, but here is a story if you are looking for one.

The fabric came from my Grandma Brimhall’s fabric stash. Like all good grandmas she is generous and has a nice stash, luckily this was a big enough piece to make something! What else do you make from a piece of striped poly-cotton? A blouse! I made the pattern from an old button up shirt pattern that was already fitted to my body, I just took away the collar, lowered the neck, added a yoke and widened the body so it was looser. If you ever want to learn pattern alteration basics and don’t like the internet I can come over and show you! It is empowering, but just as frustrating as any other sewing related thing I s’pose.

My beautiful picture

I closed it up with buttons in the back, I like back details better then others if you didn’t know already. Which also let me learn how to use the button hole mode on my 80s sewing machine! So wonderfully satisfying!

shirt3Mr. Wood and I went on a date awhile ago to see our lovely friends (l’anarchiste) play at Kilby Court in SLC. Technically kilby court is a street, but it is also a quaint little concert garage for the up and coming, and L’anarchiste  are up and coming (they are playing at SXSW in Austin this year). So I got to dress up in my full hipster garb, which turns out included my new blouse and my most favorite corduroys and my most favorite boots from Spain (well, really from Savers). The band was fantastic. I liked the drums.

We also went to Bruges for our favorite food--Frites and andalouse mayo. Frites are really fries, but the Belgians invented fries so they should do the naming. Anyways, they are better then any french fry you have ever had, so we will stick to the name frites if only to raise them above the rest. Sorry there are no pictures, you see, I do not carry a huge nice camera with me everywhere. But even though I don’t have a picture, go and get  frites, and be sure to get the andalouse sauce, nothing else compares.

Also, we were so starving that later we got dollar menu items at burger king. It was horrible. I want to apologize to all the people we ignored, especially sorry dad—of course you were right when you said burger king didn’t make real food, that would explain why my spicy chicken tasted like tuna and spicy cardboard. Regrettably we both spent a considerable amount of the night thinking we were going to get food poisoning. We didn’t, but it was the suspense that was horrible.

My beautiful picture

To adventures and great poly-cotton prints!



  1. Cute blouse. And dad is right, we ate at BK once on a road trip, not much choice around, and we all got sick. Never again have we even been tempted to try bk.