what’s new?

It has been an exciting week in a bunch of small ways.
I started finally learning how to do some html editing and putting photoshop elements 4.0 to some good work—thanks to the beautiful and ever inspiring Puglypixel. I couldn’t find the information I needed until I remembered this lovely little blog. I’ll keep working on it though, part perfectionism/part it is just fun.
So click some buttons, it is fun!
other happenings?
  • my machine hasn’t been working properly for sometime. It scared me because it was my mothers, and I didn’t want to lose the machine to old age. I finally took it apart and reset both tensions, did some serious cleaning and oiling. Now it is quite good at sewing again. You can easily fix tension yourself, read your manual and google “bobbin tension” which is often the culprit if upper tension isn’t working.
  • also I unclogged the shower drain of our basement rental. no pictures obviously.
  • Mr. Wood almost blacked out at school due to mysterious symptoms. Luckily his professor gave him orange juice.
  • The rubber part on our car tire ripped. It is still attached though. I know right?!
  • it snowed
  • the grocer checking out my groceries asked if my parsnip was an eggplant. I told him it was not.
There are some projects under my wing and a tutorial!, so here are some
sneak peak


  1. I am constantly shocked that I have to tell the checkers at the grocery store what my produce is called!

  2. Mike almost passed out? That's weird. What happened?

  3. you'll have to ask him, the emt's checked him out and apparently his levels were fine. His blood pressure might of been a bit high, but we don't know what it is normally.