Enjoying The Locals

Saturday Mr. Wood and I got to roam around our little town. We went to the Provo farmers Market. Farmers Market’s are my favorite places.

I love strolling through the booths and talking to all types of people. I love the shy old man who sells seasonal fruit out of the back of his truck. I love the weird artsy hipster people. I love those happy little ladies selling bows and tutu skirts while balancing a baby on their knee. I love the bread place where the people have long hair and give you samples of asiago cheese loafs. I love that one person doing face painting and henna tattoos. I love the bike collective kid just sitting there waiting to talk to you. I love the old guys selling wooden toys. I love the kid with a mustache and chefs-hat selling waffles. I love those waffles. Everyone is friends at the farmers market.

Here is one young man, and his art, that Mr. Wood and I especially enjoyed this weekend:

Andy Simmons of Rooney Hand Lettering

Basically this Kool Kid makes beautiful words with a lovely black pen and a cheerful smile.

  Straight From Heaven Right to You


Andy has a variety of pretty quotes at his shop. I know you all love pretty things. But, you should love these even more—because you are not paying for a print of something he did months ago, every print is freshly handwritten just for you! Don’t we all love honest to goodness original art? So unique prints all around.

You can find Andy at his Etsy Shop, or probably at the farmers market.



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