What a Good Day is Like

Dear current friends and future posterity. This is what I did today.

My beautiful picture
After sending Mr. Wood off to work with a belly full of egg sandwich, I was struck by the freshness of the morning and was compelled to go on a jog in my luna’s “running sandals”. On my little outing I met the Mr. Wood and I in the future. I was wearing a bright earthy outfit and had a dog, Mr. .Wood walked behind me wearing black Luna's and commented to Present-Me “I like your shoes”.


I then spent a good part of the morning working on job applications, which is always hopeful, but rarely enjoyable.

My beautiful picture

I watered the pots and pulled approximately 8 weeds.

My beautiful picture

Then I had some leftover chili and a baked potato for lunch, which was quite a feat considering since birth I’ve had an aversion to left over chili's, soups and stews. But this chili was very good. So I had to give it a chance.

My beautiful picture

Then I ate what I really wanted to eat all morning. Two peanut-butter-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies and milk. I have the opposite of an aversion to leftover cookies.

My beautiful picture

Then I caught the daily afternoon house rainbow.

My beautiful picture

Then I got to work taking pictures of little friends. Woah. Sneak Peek boys and girls.

My beautiful picture  HPIM5925

Then I reached into my sewing basket and worked on some tent sized men shirt reconstruction (another sneaky peak) and mending Lovely Mr. Wood’s tattered, but handsome, shorts. While listening to some quality Indie-girl rock.

My beautiful picture

Now I wait for the best part of the day. When Mr. Wood comes home and we eat mushroom mac and cheese ,and snuggle, or read books, or weed, or whatever.



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