Our Life: the end of June

Hot week huh?
Confession. Mr. wood and I have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird for over a year and have not yet finished. I love the book, but we can only read it together, which requires subtle southern accents and good weather. This is why it takes so long. See? So we did that this week, at a lovely park in Orem. I don’t know what it is called, but it has a wierdo hill in the middle. We also took the time to eat saltines and frozen go-gurts.
Last Thursday we had a mini celebration for Stephanie’s birthday (that we missed ‘cause of vacations). Kiers and I made pizzas and sodas and we ate them outside under our land-ladies big oak tree that she planted on her 50th wedding anniversary. It kept us cool from the hot sun, and filtered a little bit of the ash from the rampant fires happening right now in Utah.
stells bday
Basically it was a mini party. Um the food was delicious though. To avoid buying an $8 bottle of flavored syrup I made my own for the sodas. One out of blackberry jam and one out of mint and ginger. Add some half and half, and a load of ice, and you’ve got my favorite summer drink. No, the minty one wasn't minty, but just tastes like a less sweet version of creme soda. But more delicious. I’ll post a recipe/how-to maybe some time?
My beautiful picture
Mr. Wood and I were home for the weekend for the first time in months. It was fantastic. We woke up early to a hearty helping of oat pancakes, nectarines and plain yogurt, then we were off to yard sales in search of a type writer. We didn’t find the right one, but we did get other wonderful deals! Like an Ice cream maker for $1! I’m so excited to start whipping up creamy frozen creams! Grab a bag of ice and come over, we will make you some!
We also stopped at the Farmers market. Though it is still small, I love going and talking to all the friendly community people. We saw everything from baby bows to papusas. The food there smelled divine. It was officially summer for me.
Saturday evening we went to a reception and got tickets for Beach house on the 6th for the Twilight concert. Who is going? Want to have a picnic with us? But more importantly we saw the sky.


  1. invitation accepted for the homemade ice cream party. yee haw!