Our Life: 4th of July

It was a glorious fourth

We started it off with a bike ride to the Hot air balloon festival. We missed the launch off, apparently 6:15 am is late, but we did run into our good friends and enjoyed watching the poor helpless balloons try to fight a northward wind.



The pig couldn’t catch a break…

Then we wormed our way through the parade crowds to get a breakfast. Waffle breakfast to be exact. From that waffle guy with a mustache at the farmers market. They were delicious. Both to eat and look at.


He makes them from a sugar incrusted dough, instead of a batter. So you get this rich, caramelized, sweet-dough type of waffle. Just sayin’.

Then we rambled down the parade route, trying not to hit people with our bikes, and saw the festivities. Obviously starwars came.


If Mr. Wood were here I would tell you who these people are. Alas. He is not. Tough luck.

Eventually I had to use the bathroom so we interrupted our friends quiet breakfast, and spent the morning chatting with them, and of course going to see more parade!

HPIM5942 HPIM5943

Erik and Q were busy being intellectual, while Mr. Wood and I just did our job flanking them and being cute. Just kidding, they are as ridiculous as us.

Afterwards we hurried home in the hot heat, trying not to run over the crowd. The rest of the day was spent preparing for the lovely meal. Mr. Wood made a blueberry cobbler and potato salad, I made buffalo wings, and we churned up some toasted almond ice cream in our new ice-cream maker!


We also managed to read books, take naps and play a “mysterious Benedict Society” video game. Aren’t holidays glorious? Naturally the evening ended with stadium of fire fireworks—which are huge.


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