Our Life: double edition

Well, there is a lot to catch you up on I’m sure. Since 2 weeks are quickly fading away I thought I should write down some shining moments.

Mr. Wood and I started our potted garden with spinach, lettuce, peas and cilantro. I was going to take a picture, but there was a frost last night, and we will have to just wait and see what happens to them…

Also, we drove around west Provo, has anyone been there? It is like the country! Beautiful and flat.

I also made too many baked goods as usual and got ready for a trip to Denver Colorado for business!

Colorado was totally exciting. Sure I was getting trained most of the day, but we stayed in the Brown Palace built in 1892! The textiles alone were enough to keep me interested. Not to mention the fact that there were no paper napkins or plastic utensils in sight, everything was top notch. In the evenings I made new friends and convinced them to go to various restaurants in the downtown. We also made friends with the courtesy driver who took us on a tour of Denver (in a Mercedes!). The hotel was grand and haunted (that’s what they say) and everyone was incredibly proper and nice. By Wednesday though I was done with fanciness (so was my stomach) and ready to see my Mr. Wood again. here is a photo journal of my adventures, obviously I have no idea what you are supposed to take pictures of when on adventures.

brown palace

Mr. Wood didn’t have the most exciting time while I was gone, but he did get some pretty neat souvenirs—like a cookie I got while flying first class, some brown palace pencils and notepads of paper, a tiny honey jar and the best slice of chocolate orange breakfast bread ever. I seriously don’t know what it was, but the hotel had it for breakfast and it was deliciously full of chocolate.

colorado food

Pretty much all the food was delicious. I really liked the hotels food the best though, who knew!

This week we got to see our little tiny spinaches and lettuces come out of the ground!

We also went to a new Japanese restaurant downtown Provo; Sora. Uh, delicious. Everything is tasty probably. Look at their facebook page and see pics of the food, it actually looks like that! The restaurant is definitely chic and beautiful. We loved what we ordered, plus we got a bonus sushi dish! I don’t like sushi, but this special treat was fantastic. I don’t know what it was (the chef was experimenting in the back and we were the guinea pigs?) but it had strawberries and this salty strawberry sauce over this clean white fish sushi roll. I know, it was beautiful. So if you are in Provo you should definitely go here (especially if you are like me and have sushi loving friends but don’t like sushi yourself because the other dishes are also delicious). And I don’t want Sora to go away… Also, it is affordable. check! Great clean delicious food that makes you feel good to eat.

And we got to watch general conference on TV in our snug little basement, with a little gardening and biking in between. Not to forget the tasty little foods we made since my stomach was recovered. Uh, caramelized onion macaroni and cheese with zucchini and mushroom and bacon, and Mr. Wood made the tastiest pizzas for us on Sunday. Michael made the most genius buffalo chicken pizza ever. Details to come later in a guest recipe post?

As for now, we are doing well and hope that you are enjoying the lovely blossoms!

Seriously though, I think of things other then food sometimes…


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