Fresh bows at BowKnots


I made some cute little bows for bowknots recently.

I have a current fixation with gold and mint, so here it is. There will be more posted soon.

Are there other colors you would like to see?

Also, Hopefully I will get the nerve up to make some shirts for summer to put up in the shop. You guy's trust me right? To make nice looking clothes?

You can see them in action if you click my shop link, but you already know that…

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

I just love spring. And mint.

Maybe these are more pistachio? Mint leaves are quite dark, whereas pistachios are naturally pale.



  1. I love these little bows! They're so dainty.

    Also, your trip sounded really fun. I want to hear more!

    And I want to come see your garden sometime. To celebrate spring I bought myself a new plant. It's an aloe named Einstein. And my mum sent me a basil growing kit, so we'll see how that turns out.

    1. I want to see your plants too! Ours are really little still, then we are going to just eat them...