The Mood: Spring Music

With spring popping up, and a recent glorious sunny weekend, I couldn’t help but find the perfect spring-type album to listen to while I worked on spring-type activities.

The choice is one that Mr. Wood and I both love and that we both agree is a bit inexplicable. We could put this artist into a genre…but that would be both difficult and unnecessary, for when you hear them you know that this is their sound alone.

The band? Dirty Projectors. The album? Bitte Orca.


The songs you should hear before summer creeps in on you like a fresh sunburn?

Obviously all. Together as a whole.

But Maybe listen to this as a sample

Now if that doesn’t sound like spring you must live in Arizona. Or some place with very little seasonal change….

Now listen to this song “Useful Chamber” to understand why you should listen to the whole album

Want to keep going? Maybe it is the kind of music you have to listen to multiple times to truly love, but I promise you the complexity of the songs never gets boring. Listen to the whole album.

And if you think you can handle this go watch their official music video for one of our favorite songs (which Mr. Wood does a particularly good interpretation of), and try to put that into a box.

Enjoy the rest of this Lovely Fierce Spring.


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