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Well friends, we have both managed to graduate from Brigham Young University! Our last week of our undergraduate degree was sweet. Mr. Wood took us out to dinner twice! He finished all of his huge papers and tests, I had my first week of a real job, it was wonderful.

The ceremony was fun. You get to line up and walk up these winding stairs and past all the professors. That was my favorite part. Also everyone wears robes. The professors have the fanciest robes. We have the cheapest disposable robes.

For my local shout out—We went to Joe Bandidos in Springville for dinner. Okay here's the deal. Literally the best chips and salsa around. That is not a lie. But I was all like “joe, why are you putting boiled celery in my taco salad?”. I don’t know…


Friday we went to see some friends (and family) perform at the Muse in Provo. The lovely L’Anarchiste and the new Panther Strut featuring my ever handsome cousin Andy Brimhall. Both were great and fun to listen too. L’anarchiste is only getting better, and Andy’s group was surprising and entertaining with soon to be crowd favorites like the one featuring “Hook” references. It was a good night.


Saturday was an absolutely wake-up-early-in-the-morning-filled-to-the-brim type of day. We successfully pulled crab grass for 3 hours in the flower garden, and I have the cruelest rose thorn wounds and neck burn to prove it. We also managed to clean the house, eat French toast and buy a new tambourine before noon. The people at that music store on university are quite nice and interesting and would love to tell you stories. We also managed to run errands. We were rewarded for choosing Target as our bug-spray provider of choice, with 3 free earth-friendly samples. I think though that those earth friendly items are tricking you, they are almost the exact same ingredient list as normal items (yeah I'm looking at you Johnson and Johnson).

We then prepared for our dinner that night with our Atomic Test Kitchen friends for a night of “Apastasea”: apostasy themed pasta dinner night. No, it doesn’t really make that much sense, but there were practically mountains of pasta and seas of sauce. There was a poetry recitation about a seagull and Mr. Wood and I performed “Wade in the Water” with our new tambourine and our soulful voices.The three people left at the dinner were very appreciative. To be consistently quirky I provided chocolate pasta with raspberry sauce or caramel sauce. Um… not my favorite thing, but it was funny (here is the recipe if you were wondering, be sure to add water). There were lots of lovely sauces that night to eat.

Sunday we taught the little ones about birds and insects. I know right? We are only the most bird-loving-young-couple in our ward! The best part was introducing caterpillars while Mr. Wood and I rummaged for supplies, and we looked up to find all the sunbeams on the floor scooting around with their tummies—the lead sunbeam assigning roles “..and you can be the daddy caterpillar and I can be the mommy…”. Also we learned that “you can’t eat beard, it will make you sick”. The little lovelies were wondering what body parts we eat. They decided that we don’t eat eyebrows or noses either.

Also, Coming soon: our homemade sandals via Luna Sandals DIY kit




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