Our Life

It has been another lovely week. Mainly because our peas started popping out of the soil!

Here are two things that I bought for Mr. Wood, a new shirt from Gap (thanks mom and dad Wood for the gift card) and the hugest grapefruit ever. We have this store nearby that always has ridiculous sales on produce. This week it was 10 lbs. of oranges for $1 (i know right?!) 4 heads of lettuce for $1 (the pile of lettuce heads was an absolute massacre, I'm surprised I found one still alive) and grapefruits 4 for $1. Little did I know going into the store that the grapefruits were the size of newborn heads.


My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

Also, note Mr. Wood’s ‘stache, he is thinking of shaving it soon and you might never get to see his months work.

I’ll get all the food stories out of the way. I made our favorite Spanish rice recipe on Wednesday with some beans. Did you ever know a couple that is ecstatic to have just beans and rice for dinner? Well you do, because it is us. 60% of why we go out to eat at Mexican restaurants is for the beans and rice, 20% for salsa and chips and 20% for the chimichanga or enchilada. Goodness knows the chimichangas are usually disappointing though, yet we still get them. Don’t worry, we had salad and some tortillas too so we weren’t too weird. Best. Rice. Ever.

My beautiful picture

Probably because it is made in a cast iron pan, and baked in the oven.

Also, I found a cheerio on the bookshelf, we don’t even have children, how did it get there?

Then, I was eating a snack and looked at the box and was like “oh my goodness gracious.”

My beautiful picture

What are the chances?

Later on, we had an Easter weekend. We got to go to see local art on Friday, first at the BYU football locker rooms, some student art show. There was a shower room filled with goldfish hanging in plastic bags from the ceiling. That is all I'm going to say about that. Then we went downtown for the gallery stroll. It is great to see your community and the things that they make.

Saturday was filled with making Easter sweets (for me, Mr. Wood did homework) and gardening weeds. Both were exhausting but satisfying. For some reason I decided that I needed to make two desserts for the Easter dinner with the Wood family. It seemed to make so much sense. In the end they were both ridiculously sugary (but delicious, don’t get me wrong) and everyone was too full from dinner and candy. But don’t worry, I left enough at Mom Wood’s house that we don’t have to finish a whole 3 layer cake ourselves. Not to say that we haven’t before…

I'm going through a cake phase….




  1. Wow, I am so jealous. I want a produce store like that in Reno. By the way, my mom raved about your Easter desserts. Wish we could have been there!