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Here is the update on how we are doing as of this week!

Mr. Wood is in finals right now, scurrying to finish portfolios and papers before Wednesday. The end of classes is exciting, but there is no time to celebrate. Although we did enjoy Friday night reading books at the library on wood and gardening and then watching sci-fi channels mini-series/long movie wonder “Alice”. It was very enjoyable.

I also got to enjoy Thursday night with my loveliest lady gals Kiera and Stephanie. Kiera wanted to dye pants red, so I jumped on the boat to dye pants mint. Stephanie just dyed her hair, just kidding.. sort of. More on this dying shenanigans later. And we made this recipe, which we changed to “triple layer brownies” as there was a man present and we are opposed to negative language. They were delicious. I love how the newest fad is to just make desserts that include every other dessert and Oreos. THEN we watched “When in Rome” which was silly and girly and entertained us thoroughly. In the end we enjoyed a completely wonderful “girls night” with out seriously damaging or dying anything… except for the pants and maybe the washing machine. Well worth it.

Our plants are huge!

The weather was crazy!

Best day of the week award goes to Saturday when we decided to do some mild mountain biking (aka biking on gravely trails) behind our house on the Bonneville trail. It was a gorgeous gray day and we saw lots of curious birds and diverted lots of medium sized rocks. Then we got caught in the rain. But since it is spring, we were on a mountain, and moving fast it was really like ice specks in our face. But Provo is even prettier when it rains in the spring and we enjoyed our ride down completely. Something about running in the rain brings you back to life. It was just what Mr. Wood needed to be distracted from homework for the rest of the day. Which was fine because we also had to make pizza (yes it is like that every weekend) and go to stake conference.

I also finished Miss Rebecca’s wedding dress. I’m going to wait till I have real photos to show you the final product, but here are some details I feel good about.

My beautiful picture

The little satin lined cuff

My beautiful picture

The hand pieced lace neckline

My beautiful picture

My first attempt at corseting (on sheer fabric nonetheless!)

It was a very enjoyable experience, I'm so happy she contacted me about it! She even trusted me to work on her bridesmaids dresses. The wedding will be beautiful, I can’t wait to see pictures. Weddings are the best. Marriage is the best.

Also, I bought 6 heads of cabbage. Why? For one, it was 8 lbs. for $1 at BuyLow this week (what?!). But mostly because of this silly craze:

My beautiful picture 

Yeah. Roasted cabbage. It is ridiculously good. Listen, I really dislike cooked cabbage. I like some salads but they upset my stomach too much. This though? Delicious. And didn’t upset my delicate insides. Proof? 2 nights in a row Mr. Wood and I ate half a head each. But, we have to take a break right now. Hopefully cabbage can handle sitting in our fridge that is and acts like it is from the ‘70s.

And Mr. Wood finished reading “A Reverence for Wood”, and gained exactly what the title suggests. I gained a little too.

Well, this week we have had a great time connecting to our earth (weather taking rain showers, or eating of it’s bounteous cabbage crop) and hope that you get to do the same.



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