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Huzzah! Another beautiful week friends!

My Job is almost over, one more day! Boo, it was fun while it lasted. 1st graders are my best friends, I feel famous. 1st graders are cool like that.

This whole week was about connection for us. Connecting with 1st graders, family, nature, our feet, and our past.

This weekend was wonderful. Saturday was packed once again. We woke up at 6:00 just to fit it in—because we love the weekend so much! It started with this lovely “best oatmeal ever” by Mr. Wood, complete with sautéed apples.

apple oatmeal

We then rushed off to give my brother Jason his birthday present—a mini apple raspberry pie—which I should of photographed because it was almost as handsome as my brother.

Then we literally ran to the Red Butte gardens up in Salt Lake to attend a bird tour and take advantage of a wonderful couples pass that a dear friend gave us. We are soo glad because it is completely wonderful! Of course, you probably don’t know because I didn’t take any pictures. oops. We were too busy looking for birds, looking at lovely plants and tasting herbs.

speaking of birds… They ate our lettuce.

My beautiful picture

Which is ridiculous. It is like they don’t even know that we are big proponents of their species.

Then we got to take our lovely Grandma Malaska to the new/exciting City Creek Mall. That is one fancy schmacy shopping mall. This is the only picture I took.

My beautiful picture

Technically I took 2. But they were both of this chair. It was great fun going shopping with my big brother, husband and grandma. We took grandma into hip stores, partially so we could look around, and partially because she has the best and most solid opinion on most things. The last stop was the perennial favorite H&M. Out of 3 hipsters and 1 grandma, you may be surprised that the only one with an H&M bag was our grandma.

We ended our evening with a meal at Mazza for some wonderfully fresh and filling middle eastern food. Probably one of my favorite things in Utah is their falafel. Then we flew off to Cobble Creek to meet the wood family for some dinner and mini hiking/bird watching with our mini niece and nephew.

We finished our DIY kit luna sandals and have begun timidly using them.

My beautiful picture

Really they are just another way for us to fight our fear of atrophy. In this case, feet atrophy. It turned out pretty good. Maybe I will write a review later. If you want to make your own we suggest a very sharp scalpel and the good ole’ measure twice cut once attitude—because you literally have no choice. It is great to have free feet. Really, this whole week was hippie themed. Our copious amounts of bird watching, fresh food eating and barefoot focusing. Not to mention our weekend movie was “Smoke Signals”. I even made sugarless, flourless cookies. I know. What is going on? They were okay…

We also spent a good amount of time reminiscing Mr. Wood’s childhood. Later I will share some sweet things with you. It is a good then when you can love your husbands previous child version as much as his current man version.

AND we attended the most beautiful wedding reception for possibly the kindest sweetest couple we did ever make friendship with—Tessa and Rob. I have no photos, but Jason is making a video that I will share with you as soon as it is done. It was outside, there were lights, a cookie bar (and you know we love cookies), and the happiest couple ever. I would of cried because it was so beautiful, but chose not to.

Till next time friends. We hope you are finding good moments in your life as well.

Like this wonderfully huge bush in our backyard. Not eaten by birds.




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