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Hello again! As always, here is a colorful update on how we are doing.

Of course there are so many bright and lovely things, but like real life goes also some tragic things—mainly the decreasing health and eventual death of Grandpa Wood on Monday. Death is a curious thing. I find the most sadness when I think of those left behind. However, there is peace in knowing that Grandpa Wood has moved on. This experience, like many others, has added a new piece to our lives together, as well as another touch of perspective.

Other wonderful things happened this past while, that are only made brighter I suppose by Mondays events. We through a mini Cinco De Mayo party one weekend with some friends. I prepped a lot for it, but felt like it was my little nitch to be finally making a full meal for more then just 2 people. The food was delicious, the friends were great, and the budding spring up in the mountains was refreshing. I don’t have any pictures to share, suffice it to say everything from the sprite to the refried beans were delectable—their flavors only enhanced by the laughter of friends. Poetic. I know.


Mr. Wood put a flashlight behind an egg and it was quite entertaining.

The theme of the past week is travel. We had numerous outings, the least of which is this one to Joann's to get netting to cover our plants. But, we saw this most gorgeous little car.


One night the only thing I could think of for dinner was potato salad and Egg salad sandwiches. I know. So I convinced Mr. Wood to take me up to the mildest of mountainous scenery (Bridal Veil Falls—Provo), where we created a mayonnaise themed picnic and had a short walk. Let me tell you, despite the never ending stream of long boarders—it is pretty up there. Spring is for sure in all its glory, you should try to go very soon.



We also decided to take a surprise trip down to the most wonderful place of all—Toquerville. While there we were able to celebrate mothers day and restore our sunshine tanks. Plus get in some crazy bird watching. We’re talking—king birds, meadow larks, hummingbirds and a bird I can’t remember its name (but it was my favorite) all having a loud and crazy party with their Bird wives in the front yard. I know! Next time you are down, you can come bird watch with us in the front yard.

Toquerville is really lovely. We went to the Falls with Dad, Jason and Jacob Saturday. Glorious outdoors! It was gorgeous—if not difficult to reach. I don’t even know how anyone discovered it, let alone carve out a twisting atv only trail that Dad managed to maneuver with his Ford F150… From the middle of town it takes about 30 minutes to get there because of the slow going—but is well worth it.


The drive looks a little like this.


And the destination like this.


Here is dad Malaska and I walking up the creek. Dad is the tannest person I know. Let me just say, the water was fine. Not too cold at all.

Us and the first set of falls, which fall into the next set and a lovely pool.


Dad, Jason, Jacob


It is actually really easy to climb up and down.


Jason was the first to jump off the second fall, and soon convinced the other boys to do it too.



Then it was mothers day! Sadly, our mom was working all day. So we took the opportunity to make her a special meal. I made Chocolate Chocolate cake and salad, Mr. Wood made duchess potatoes, and Jacob invented a lovely chicken dish on the grill with green apples. We tried to make it extra special—for a mom working 12 hours on a Sunday! Really? yes.



this is the bouquet the  boys helped me make with various herbs, grasses and trees. Pretty huh?

It was a lovely weekend. It is always sad to leave the beautiful desert. Everything is so fresh and alive, not to mention the good company family makes. Till next time.



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