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Look at this huge Lemon I got at buy low.

Sometimes it seems that all I have to talk about is birds and buy-low. Sometimes it is true.

So for the birds? Mr. Wood and I saw a bushel of birds this weekend up at hobble creek canyon. Like, we saw 7 spotted towhees! and an ash throated flycatcher! and more. It was a great weekend we got to spend with the Wood family out in the woods. We also went on a beautiful hike, that I have no pictures of. Maybe I can describe it to you? It was like the sound of music, in a valley, filled with fresh new aspen leaves and dandelions and snow, and we found a decrepit 50s school bus. Very nice. Nothing like clean mountain air. Especially after that horrible pollution spell. Ever since leaving Oregon I haven’t had noticeable allergies, but the Utah inversion knocks me out. Headaches, stuffiness, watery eyes. It goes on. It makes me never want to drive a car. But then I need to go to buy-low.

Something Mr. Wood and I have been doing lately is reading Juvenile fiction. Saturday we stayed up till 1:00 o’clock reading next to each other on our little floral couch. Cute huh? I never graduated to adult fiction. Not really at least, I always love a good quick teen love story, and so does Mr. Wood. Just kidding. I should stop reading them, because when I finish them I spend the next 2 days lecturing Mr. Wood on everything wrong and unstable about the main characters relationship. Mr. Wood prefers reading stories he doesn’t have to correct, and instead was reading The Mysterious Benedict Society

mysterious benedict society This is a cute little book (series) that I also started reading, about smart orphan kids who save the world. I know right? I was reading the first two books in the Mortal Instruments series. No, I’m not sure what a Mortal Instrument is. I fear I am not a very in depth reader. I do know that the book is like twilight/buffy the vampire slayer/star wars. It is entertaining, but nothing really resolves, which is why I need to read the 3rd book. Only then can I tell Mr. Wood what is really unhealthy with Jace and Clary’s relationship, and if it really ends like Star Wars, or decides to mimic another plot line.

This is a good song. I wish I was in Portland. But here and now is always good too.



  1. Haha shannon i love your posts! You know i have the third book....well actually mom has it right now so if she isnt reading it you could grab it this weekend. I felt the same way about the characters relationship it bugged me so much i googled it. Ha All i will say is it turns out good so dont fret. Cant wait to see you Saturday. :-)

  2. By the way ^ that was from me Danielle note Michael

  3. i guess they are making a movie of the books. have you guys read the companion series? Clockwork Angel is the first one....

  4. It will probably be a good movie. I haven't read them, but I keep seeing them and getting confused about how long the series lasts.