Some of our Favorite Things


I felt compelled to document some of our favorite things from this week.

My beautiful picture

Strawberries with every meal.

My beautiful picture

I got these dark chocolate chips at Winco. Not only are they cheaper, but they are delicious!

My beautiful pictureBarefoot running! Really we can only go for little spurts at a time to avoid injury to our weak feet.

Consequently, we are also enjoying feet strengthening exercises via YouTube.

My beautiful picture

Mr. Wood eats handfuls of this stuff dry. I like it wet. Maybe I should feed him more.

My beautiful picture

Also, I have been hoarding glass jars to hold all the bulk food that I buy. I got this lovely huge size jar for like $3 at Michaels. Now our pinto beans have a home!


Finally, I’m loving this dime ring we found in Mr. Wood’s childhood memories box. He made it in 7th grade in CTE. Now I’m telling everyone that my husband made me this lovely ring when he was in 7th grade. It is a perfect fit!

That’s all of our favorite things this week.


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