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In the long list of cute and fun recyclable crafts, this one is probably already on there a hundred times, but maybe you would like to see what I’ve made.

I had a hot chocolate can sitting around. It seemed sturdy so I decided to keep it to store buttons in (because it comes with a lid!). But, no one wants to store their buttons in their craft room in something that advertises hazelnut hot chocolate, that would be unhealthily tacky. So I decided to cover it.

I don’t know if you can technically call me a crafter, because I never have modge podge lying around, or pretty paper. But I do have fabric and various and assorted adhesives. My choices this day were tacky glue, a glue stick or super glue. Obviously I went tacky.

I also had this vintage upholstery sample piece that needed to be seen. Often you can go to furniture shops and they will give you their outdated fabric swatches for free—at least they did for an awkward teenager several years ago. It is nice to have around because it is sturdy and funky.

My beautiful picture

I also had yellow fruit, baby's breath and natural sunlight on my table, which just screams blog photo.

K guys, super easy.

I know. I say that too much.

Step 1: Cut a rectangle: exactly as tall as your can, and can wrap all the way around plus 1”

cup 6

Step 2: Glue it on, being sure to over lap the end so it looks nice. I used tacky glue and painted it on with an old brush. Just glue part of it at a time, then rub the fabric down, then glue some more, that way the glue doesn’t dry up.

Step 3: Sit back, look at your can, and feel crafty.

My beautiful picture



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