Our Life

It is time to update this memory holder with our weekly happy things in our life.

On Monday Mr. Wood and I got tattoos.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

It took me three days to get mine off..

We went on a hike up in American fork: Battle Creek Falls. And it was lovely. It is a nice little leisurely hike, but a bit steep in parts.





It was gorgeous.

Among other feats: Mr. Wood trimmed my hair. It took like 3 minutes.

We spent another super weekend up in salt lake. The craziness was enhanced by the fact that I declared it no eating out month… So I had to back food for 2 meals plus snacks, without a cooler. So with frozen water bottles, tons of fruit, carrots and homemade bread we made it through. We went to the salt lake temple. Then to Red-Butte gardens. It was gorgeous! I was literally skipping through. We saw a flock of cedar waxwings right up close! They are beautifully silky birds with bright red and yellow accents. Then it was off to a wedding in Layton. We did it! and had fun! Right after I post this we are off to another super adventure in Salt lake, then tomorrow a whole week in yellowstone! Nobody told me though that in yellow stone it is cold. So I have to rethink my wardrobe.

Also, we baked this pie together. Thanks to cherries from the neighbor.


To beautiful days!


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