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This week was highlighted by another beautiful trip down to Toquerville to visit the Malaska family. It was sweetened by the fact that Mr. Wood would finally meet his last brother in-law and I would get to see my little niece Temperance.

It was wonderful to be with family, but lets just put it out there that the day we left i contracted a fever and something akin to strep throat, although it is undefined as of yet. Lets just say my diet for the past week has been 90% ramen and saltines (hence this stuck in my head).


We sat in this lovely place as much as we could. The boys played their guitars, and we made jokes, and Jacob and Jason argued about philosophies.

The boys also went on a hike to the Narrows in Zions. I heard it was wonderful. They just ran through the thing, splashing tourists as they went, and getting some mean ankle exercises on those slippery bowling ball rocks.


We met Temperance. Our newest little niece. She was hilarious and adorable.


Of course we celebrated Jacob and his movement into adult hood. He graduated from high school! And turned 18! That boy. One Word—Heartbreaker.

I decorated the cookie. Payton really likes pega-corns, I thought Jacob would too.

Mr. Wood spent lots of time playing with all the girls, and being handsome. He also managed to practice his etch-a-sketch skills.






“ATV Trip”

And of course, there was great views and fresh air for everyone.






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