Mountains and Clouds and A dress

mountain dress

Some things I love always. Like clouds.

Several years ago. When my family was moving to Toquerville and I was there helping, I discovered that my Sweet Grandma Brimhall had these sets of gloriously 70s sheets. One a desert landscape, and one a cool mountainous one. She let me have them and I immediately made the desert set into a cotton summery dress. That was huge. But I still wear it to this day because it is so comfy, and I’m boho enough I can pull it off comfortably I guess.

This spring I was itching for new summer clothes and comfy day dresses that weren’t circus tents. So, ready with a sloper pattern (one that already fit all my oddities) I made a simple cotton dress pattern for the mountain scene.

It took me a couple days to work it out, because I ran into a lot of snafus. Does that every happen to you when you are doing something that should be completely easy? But turns out to be unusually hard? In the end though, it was comfy enough to not be mad at it.  It’s elastic waist—so no silly zippers! Although, I can’t say it was any easier to put in.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

yay! summer is coming!



  1. I love it!!! I want to see a pic of the other dress too.

    1. Haha, i'll try to remember to take a photo next time i wear it. Thanks Mary!

  2. Cute dress. I totally remember those sheets!

  3. Gorgeous! I absolutely love it.