Real Love Songs


I am a romantic. I love love, and that isn’t something that just started because I got married. But I'm also a realist. That being said the media rarely provides romantic examples I love. Were Romeo and Juliet in Love? Doubtful. Was killing themselves the right thing to do? Probably not.

Give me an Olaf and Inga love story anytime. One filled with real love growing through real life experiences—the fun ones, hard ones and boring ones.

Music also seems to be portraying the wrong type of love (yes society is doomed if top 40 reveals anything about it). Sorry Ke$ha, “your love is my drug” isn’t a real, meaningful emotion—it’s just hormones.

Anyways. One of my new favorite love songs comes from one of my new favorite bands The Head and the Heart (fitting because such complicated emotions as love need to involve both things).

And if you are like “Shannon? Love songs? How cheesy”. Then don’t be silly, just listen to this song and add some emotion to your friday night.



  1. I discovered your blog through Etsy and I am thoroughly glad that I did! I saw that we have similar taste in clothes and I thought I try out what musical tastes we had. Turns out that I LOVE The Head and the Heart as well as Sweetland. I sometimes feel I am one of the only ones that knows about that story (besides my friends and family of course!). Thank you for inspiring me to get started on some of my sewing projects, and for the music recommendations!

    1. I'm so happy that someone else has seen sweetland! Without me forcing them to watch it...
      Thanks for finding my blog :) and for the nice words. I'm glad to have a new blog friend.