3 years!

Originally Published August 21st, 2014

beach anniversary 3
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We've been married 3 years as of August 18th! Woo hoo!
To celebrate we decided to take a break from house work (which I must admit is going slow) to spend a day at Lake Michigan. And you know what friends? It is like the ocean! Misty fog, warm sand, blue water--but one better than Oregon because you can actually swim in it, all day! Which is what we did.
lake michigan
Only Mr. Wood got pictures of him swimming, but here is my baby! I made this maternity swimsuit right when summer started, and it actually still fits. But more importantly-- 3 years, and now we have 3 people in the Wood family.
maternity swimsuit
lake michigan mike
Being married is the best thing to have happened to Mr. Wood and I. Going through life with someone by your side makes everything an adventure. And if it isn't adventure at least you have someone's shoulder to cry on. Now that the beach is over it is time to get back to work. Mr. Wood starts school next week, and has been busy this week with orientations. We're also back to work on the house, but I want to shake this dust off me and head back to the lake.
baby bump kiss

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