Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Yes, I know it is almost february, but in 20 years when future posterity is reading this, they won't mind right? 
So the Wood family had a lovely Christmas vacation. For us it was gloriously long, and to have Mr. Wood home so many days in a row was the best Christmas gift.
Christmas Eve we skyped with family, and made an overly ambitious meal--that was totally worth it. Ansel wore this lovely outfit including a jumper from Mr. Wood's first Christmas on earth. The food was great, we tasted our first "Spumante" juice--which was actually amazing.
Christmas day was a lot of fun. Ansel didn't know what was going on, but he danced with us, and watched us open presents (which he hated--the paper ripping was like nails on a chalkboard for his little ear membranes). This Christmas was special as our first away from family--but the packages and cards we got from our loved ones over in the west made the morning so amazing! We loved everyone's quirky little reminders of how awesome of a friend/family member they are.
christmas eve 201blogce2015

We also took advantage of the long break to visit my sister and her family in Rochester New York. We spent one glorious 50 degree day visiting Palmyra. Here our some pictures of the sacred grove. The sunshine and cold air felt soo good, I could of walked around all day.ce2015_2
ce2015_3Ansel loves to walk and sleep and get little kisses and rubs on his fuzzy little head.

The cutest silliest little people in the world:
The view from the hill Cumorah ce2015_7
We didn't want to leave, because family time is the best time. But we did, and on our way back the cold started creeping in, and we stopped by Niagra falls. Verdict: Amazing! Town? Totally creepy. Did people really go off the falls in barrels? Or is that just a myth perpetuated by PBS documentaries? There is like a ton of rocks.ce2015_8   
Till next year!!

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