33 weeks!

originally posted sept 26, 2014

At least that is what they keep telling me, it is hard to imagine. 
So here is a little (10 day old) snapshot of how we are doing
If you believe me, sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant and we are having a baby in NOVEMBER. That being said, I am quite excited to meet this little guy. I hope he looks like his daddy, beard and all.
I've been working on the house less, and cooking more. With fresh batches of sour dough, yogurt and homemade food weekly I'm keeping myself busy. Like my dad says "you just can't help it can you?" the answer is no. We can start a club if you also find your self obsessively making from scratch food every day, there will be snacks. But sometimes I wonder if it is that weird, or if I am just keeping ourselves fed. I just so happen to make more labor intensive food then I probably should. But you should all come over and have a cookie, it would be a fun excuse to make some more.
So as is requisite for grad students (seriously, you should meet his cohort) Mr. Wood is growing a beard. Cool huh? It is very red. How long can he keep it up? I don't know, but I'll keep you updated. Also note we are both wearing sweaters, because some days it is just down right cold here. Luckily we've had a week long sunshine break, so I'm trying to go outside sometimes so the baby can feel some sun before his half birthday. Just kidding, it can't be that bad of a winter right? right? Joking can only help so much...
And if you are wondering, "man is Mr. Wood getting soo huge with all that food Shannon is baking and cooking every day" (I made a ham casserole yesterday, I've never made a ham anything in my 3 years of marriage!). The answer is no. Baby and I have taken on the sole responsibility of gaining weight for the winter. And we are doing really well.

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