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originally published nov 8, 2014

fall 2014
Of course we know he won't actually come on the 12th. How often does that happen? But, in all honestly I would gladly take him if he came yesterday.
 I was huge for halloween. A huge person with a cold. I don't have a picture actually, but I'm sure you can imagine. However, my costume didn't prevent me from eating candy, and staying up past midnight watching Nosferatu. I don't think that movie counts as a horror movie, unless the horror rests entirely on his creepy fingers. Also, did anyone even think of running away from him? Maybe something was lost in translation.
It also snowed, which was a little scary. Mr. Wood took some pictures for the occasion.
fall leaves 2014
halloween 2014  With the little snow flurries there weren't many trick or treaters out. Which was a little disappointing, but what can you do?'
   So the seasons are definitely changing here, just like our lives. Soon a babe will be here and I will show you all the pictures. But for now we are trying to enjoy our last moments as a relatively mobile childless couple. It feels like my birthday! Ladies in the ward took me out to dinner, and girls nights are always so appreciated and more needed then one realizes. Mr. Wood took me to Five Guys for a dinner, a walk around the mall and a look at the little pet shop puppies (neither of which convinced babe of the awesomeness in the world that he should come see). We also went to see a movie at the theater. Fancy right? 
   Mr. Wood and a friend are currently hammering away to get the new floor down in the bedroom. With everyone around me offering niceties and help I feel thoroughly pampered. The baby is probably feeling pampered too, because he is getting too comfortable in the womb. 
   So as we float on this wave of anticipation I invite you to join a long. Tell us what do you think, when will the first born come? How much will he weigh? How long will he be? What will his name be?
  All will be revealed in good time. Until then, here is another picture of the seasons to come, and you should all come over for pies and things.
fall 2014 2
all pictures courtesy of Mr. Wood this week !

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