Desert Family part 2

originally posted august 14, 2015

After our tromp through the desert we headed up north to visit with the Wood Family! Ansel at this point was in love with getting attention all day long, and hated driving in the car the rest of the time.
2015summerw00 2015summerw01Michael being the greatest uncle to his new best friend2015summerw02 2015summerw03We stayed at the cabin for a few days soaking up even higher altitudes, clouds and trees.2015summerw07Mr. Wood took lots of beautiful photos of the hummingbirds and the nature2015summerw08 2015summerw09 2015summerw10 2015summerw23 2015summerw25 2015summerw26The miraculous everybody shot! All Ansel wanted to do was grab Simon's hair.2015summerw27 Then we left and it was sad. But my brother Michael and his wife Danielle took car of us before we flew out of Vegas and watched their baby girls play video games and dance with Mr. Wood and it wasn't so sad anymore.
The End.

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