WIWO Thursday: Crafting

originally published october 16, 2014

36 weeks
They say there is an affliction called Nesting that befalls pregnant women (mammals?) in the last trimester. They are caught up in a sudden urge to clean and prepare every little thing before the babe comes. Our Realtor confessed that when she was in her last trimester she was up on her roof cleaning gutters. GUTTERS! Our baby isn't going anywhere near the gutter, otherwise I'm sure he would be ashamed. The truth is I am here at 36 weeks, slightly sick, exhausted and in no mood to clean one more inch of this house. Still in between remodeling jobs (although painting is finished! Thanks to my beautiful sister) my soul has almost given up on tinkering, reorganizing and shifting boxes. Let alone dreaming up extra loads of laundry to do, and nooks of floor to mop. 
Alas, I am caught up in another mood entirely. Crafting. I know what you are thinking--but, I do not consider myself a "crafter". There is no shame in the word, in fact I see crafters as "jacks of all prettiness". Martha Stewart is a crafter (if she does in fact make all that stuff on her website). Those who have made something actually cool with modpodge are crafters. People who know how to get in and out of Hobby Lobby are crafters. I love to sew, I love to cook, I love to paint--but rarely do I step outside of my narrow aisle of creating. I could probably count all the crafts I've actually completed on my 2 hands. (but then again maybe not because I would have to try to remember Girls Camp...) My "Craft" supplies consist of tempera paint, some odd spools of floral tape, fake flowers I've never used, 1 bottle of tacky glue and a hot glue gun--which I cannot wield safely let alone skillfully. I don't even own glitter!
My point is: this is a weird feeling. So my first craft? I bought a vase, twinkly-light-up-twigs and made a center piece with some handfuls of freshly picked acorns. My acorn/twinkly stick vase was charming until the acorns let loose a pile of fat white maggots. There is no picture of that craft. See, you crafters saw that coming right?
Next, I made a wreath. I associate wreathes with moms, so maybe that is why I made one. There is no tutorial or anything, since I'm afraid of the hot glue gun I'm pretty sure most of this will fall apart once I take it down. But it sure does burst with autumnal pride right?
autumn wreath
I have a hefty line up, considering I will be in charge of a newborn human in just a few weeks. But only a few are outside my realm of creating, so maybe the crafting hasn't gotten that intense yet. I mean I still haven't purchased a bottle of glitter, and none of these require glue.
1. A leaf garland! The seasonal garland is considered the audition to become a crafter, in case you were wondering.
fall leaves
2. A pillow case for my body pillow! I am also going to do some dip dyeing experiments for your benefit and mine. Here is the start so far.
pillowcase stitching
3. A robe for this future milk machine! I don't think this counts as a craft...
robe fabric
4. Curtains for babe's room! What makes this crafty? Hand stamping. It will become very real
5. Finally? Making at least 1 thing in babe's room match his black curtains!
Which will be finished first? Which project will be left in the dust? Will this affliction stick with Shannon for the rest of her young adult life? Does Mr. Wood even know what is going on? All this and more coming this fall season on dear sweet wood!

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