6 Month Ansel

originally posted may 22nd, 2015

Happy Six Months lil' handsome.
6 month01
You are completely breathtaking. Mr. Wood and I love to play with you as much as we can. You just laugh and smile all day (mostly).
Once the camera is out however, you only give your serious face.
You want to eat everything. Today we tried tiny dots of plain yogurt. You sucked them off my fingers and made a face that was a mixture between disgust and amazement that we would willingly consume something so inedible. You did want several more licks though. The only thing we eat that you insist on tasting every time is pizza crust. To the point of baby tantrum if you don't get a lick.
You could suck on a pizza crust and be happy forever. That is how I know you are our true son. Goober.
6 month02
You have recently learned how to kiss me. When I ask for a kiss you give me a big sloppy one and it is the best part of the day. It only works when you are hungry, so you are just tasting my face, but that is okay.
Your favorite toy is the tag on anything and everything. You could gently caress and pinch the tag on a pillow for a half hour if I let you.
You have also started to roll around. Now that you have discovered self propelling you are equally excited and frustrated as you spin quick circles on the floor in attempts to reach something right in front of you. Soon baby cakes, soon.
6 month03Finally. You are totally huge. 19 something pounds and 29 something inches. Luckily you still love cuddling, so for now all that hugeness makes for prime squishes, kisses and loves.
IMG_3897 jpg
Happy Half Year!

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