WIWOW: Slowing down and hurrying up

originally published oct 23, 2014

I currently get a great satisfaction by slowing down and resting, for a cause! That being said I also feel that distinct urge to hurry up and get every little thing ready. So one thing at a time.
Okay, for this "What I'm Working on Wednesday", here is the actual project that is getting some attention this week. That glorious robe that will cover my backside while I walk around the maternity ward at the hospital. Mr. Wood and I finished our baby class (yes we took the fast tracked version) and were rewarded with a tour of the maternity ward. All I can say is two words: Jacuzzi. Tub.
Yeah--as in jacuzzi-tub. Don't be too jealous. I'm hoping I actually get to use that. Glamming it up, labor style.
So the robe:
Hopefully it gets to come with us to the hospital, if not you won't see me beating myself up about it. Like with many stages in life pregnancy is full of moments of triumph/excitement, often quickly followed by a sneaky snide little monster comment.
Example: (snide comments represented in italics, because they think they are always better than other comments)
"We got a carseat!!"
"It has been 2 months and you still haven't taken the carseat out of the box, come on..I mean really?"
"Our baby is going to be so cute! And have our big noses!"
"Really? Noses? Why aren't you reading up every piece of literature learning to control your bodies labor pains so you don't have to douse your baby in modern medicine? You won't care about noses when your baby comes out soaked in anesthesia."
"Actually I think the baby's nose will be way cute."
"Yeah? Well what about how the bassinet sheet you have doesn't match your curtains?"
Anyways. I know you know what I'm talking about. Luckily I don't have real life snide monster comments from people (thank you). Also, when I imagine my little snide monster commenting in italics it is easier to realize how ridiculous and snobby she is. I think sometimes it is good to just brush off the inner monster comments. But sometimes it is good to recognize them. There is no weakness in recognition. I should take the car seat out of the box, but I shouldn't get weighed down by monster voice, because how long will that really take? 10 minutes max right?  Like 6 to find the scissors and some more to cut the box open?
In other news, Autumn is beautiful here, as promised. Mr. Wood and I went out for a walk this Sunday at St. Patricks park in South Bend. It was beautiful and smelled wonderful. Even on a gray day we were filled with the beauty of nature. Till next week.
fall forest shannon

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