The Babe in My Arms

originally published april 7, 2015

It is happening. That thing that happens to all moms. My baby is growing too fast. Maybe being a mom is always feeling this constant tangle of hurt and pure joy. Hurt as they grow and change into new people, and joy as you see the growth. Happiness for the moments you have, excitement for the moments to come and heartaches for the moments that have gone.
So let's save this little moment Easter Sunday, where Ansel, at 4 1/2 months wore a big boy outfit, and we tried to take pictures in the cold sunny wind, and we marveled at his chubs and fingers and toes and little dusting of bright red hair.
dsw ansel 5 m_2
4 months! | www.dearsweetwood.com
4 months! | www.dearsweetwood.com

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