WIWOW: Routine

originally published feb 4, 2015

They say there comes a point with a baby that things get back to normal. That is a joke, a really cuddly adorable joke. I don't even want things to go back to normal, Ansel is too lovely for that. Well, sleep would be nice. What is really going on is that a point comes after the new baby where you realize for your sake and the household's sake you must enter into some sort of a routine. Week by week you can add more in until you have a fully functioning home and social life or whatever. 
So here are somethings that I'm squiggling in between the hours of staring, feeding and rocking my baby boy. 
  • Sketching again. I really enjoy making art, but it is the first thing to go by the wayside whenever things get stressful. But I like having something to work on just for me. So to motivate me I've been following some art journal prompts which have been fun. It takes me more than a day sometimes, but working through them is my only goal.
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  • Yoga! It feels so good!
  • Planning menus: I love and hate this. I just don't want to think about it sometimes, but I love looking at a plan, following it, and having all the groceries I need. But, I was thinking a valentine menu would be fun, so I've been cruising the internet for ideas. Like these fancy pants menus. Right now I'm thinking something like this chocolate black out cake? But it doesn't look festive, and I hate making layer cakes for just the 2 of us. But I like to eat cake. At the rate I'm going my valentine dinner will be just cake. I'll tell you how cake dinner goes next week.
  • Sweeping. That is serious serious stuff.
  • Eating girl scout cookies that Mr. Wood was persuaded into buying at work, forgetting the piles of baked goods I've already made this week. Albeit I eat america's obligatory treats happily.

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