What I'm Working on Wednesday: Layers

Originally posted september 3, 2014

Wow, it has been a week already. Here is what we're working on.
Mr. Wood and I are now Cub Scout leaders for our ward! How exciting is that? I know, now I have even more excuses to bake because of the little boy mouths to feed--this is in the oven right now
Now due to the sickeningly sweet amount of sugar in this recipe alone--it is a great choice to test on 9 year olds. Right? Sorry mothers... But no, it is exciting. So far I really have no idea what to do-- so we are winging it tonight.
Next, my baby tummy is 30 weeks old! Cool huh?
Finally, the house is moving along at a snails pace, but exciting things are happening. Like our new lawn mower came today! I think i'm more excited that our lawnmower is "Fiskars" brand, than the fact that we have a lawnmower. It is like scissors for the grass!!
Here are some photos of our current stage
kitchen 9_3
The weird wood stuff is gone! And I had cinnamon toast squares for lunch!

ugly wall texture

My big job is skim coating the kitchen so that we can get some equality between the new wall and the old wall. Above is the texture of our entire house. Why would someone take the time to do the entire house? I don't know either.
I couldn't get a picture of the current stage of wall texture because there is no light, but just know it is better, and it takes soo many layers and so many podcasts. Plus here is a sweet picture of Mr. Wood's first wall! And My 3rd grade attempt at wall texture. We will get there.
wall 9_3 kitchen
Here is a before and after of the other side:
OBLIO - WIN_20140803_155017wall 9_3

Cool huh?
Also, notice the lovely light hanging in the kitchen? That is the previous light that was once attached and then mysteriously fell off of the ceiling. We might wait till our dads get here to worry about that one.
Happy Wednesday!

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