Desert Family

originally posted august 14, 2015

We did our pilgrimage to the ancestral grounds this summer! First south, then north. Here are some photos.
Also, I cut my hair.
Also, Ansel is getting humongous. 8 1/2 months!
Also, My Mr. Wood is a stud
2015summer01 2015summer02
2015summer192015summer03 2015summer04The desert feels like the cleanest place. It dries out the gross inside of your body and fills it with sage, clean air and sunshine.2015summer05 2015summer06 2015summer07 2015summer08The Chadaz Cousins, who are very good at playing with Ansel even though all he does is scratch their faces, featuring the family Emu! Sorry Aunt Marilyn we snuck into your yard while you were getting surgery...2015summer09Great Grandma Brimhall2015summer10
2015summer18Great Grandma Malaska2015summer12
The beautiful men in my family. You know what they say, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.
Or something..2015summer14 2015summer16
Grandma-Grandpa Malaska and babe. Accidentally but perfectly color coordinated for the last photo before our leaving!2015summer20 ugh, why must we be so far?

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