Lakes and Friends

originally published may 6, 2015

We are right in the middle of finals week here in the Wood home. Granted I am not writing any papers, but Mr. Wood has spent enough time typing  for the both of us in the last few hours--let alone the past 3 days. We decided that next time we need to get him a laptop neck tray (typing of the dead style) so that he can take walks with babe and I, and still write.
 So while he types deep into the night it is my job to record our more happier histories of the past month.
Like this lovely lake trip with our dear bosom friends Q and E. Naturally their whole visit was lovely. We walked, talked and ate delicious food till our hearts were full. Q and E got a small glimpse into the life with a young baby on antibiotics and the rashes that follow. Also, Spring finally came out. The only thing better then the floral explosion of spring after a icy drought? 
Like a siren of the sea I cannot turn away from that face. Those cheeks! The glittering eyeballs! 
We visited Tiscornia Beach in Michigan and their North Pier Lighthouse. The further out you go, the colder it gets--but at the tip it is just fresh air and blue water as far as the eye can see.
It was a cold day. The sand was hot and littered with lady bugs.
The end.

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