9 months

originally posted sept 2, 2015

Ansel, You made it to 9 months in August! Holy smokes kiddo. We went to Lake Michigan to celebrate. You like the water, but were scared of the waves, that is okay.
This towel though. Exponential cuteness.august02
As a 9 months old you are pretty neat. You learned to crawl super fast, especially if it means you can get  to someones phone, a roll of toilet paper, or me right at the moment when I'm cooking and cannot hold you. 
Once you were crawling you started pulling yourself up on everything. And once those skills were mastered you decided it was okay to learn to sit by yourself. Seriously though you just barely learned. It is adorable watching you sit your little cheeks resting on your chest while you play with a toy. august03
Favorite things:
  • Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! you can't get enough, many a tears have been shed when the pizza is gone.
  • Eating with your fingers! You love it!
  • Squash.
  • Biting leaves off plants in the garden.
  • Giving raspberries.
  • Bath time! 
  • Eating fuzzy lints off the floor.
  • Flirting with old ladies at the grocery store.
Not so favorite things:
  • When I stop you from pulling the lamp down on yourself.
  • Fruit is meh
  • Falling
What can I say, you like almost everything right now!
At 9 months you were like 22 lbs, 30", so chunky and lovely! 


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